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We are client-centered and detail-driven focused on creating relationships and providing advice that serves each client’s unique needs. We advise and counsel on estate planning, probate, and real estate transactions. We seek out and embrace the optimum solution for each client, while showing attention to your long-term goals and strategies.

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Estate Planning & Administration

An estate plan is a powerful set of tools that allow anyone, no matter age or wealth, to manage his or her estate during his or her own lifetime and to plan for uncertainty.  It’s your set of instructions that guides your friends and family when you need their help.

An estate plan is more than a simple set of documents.  It’s not just for the ‘rich’ or the ‘old’.

An estate plan is the best way to make sure your wishes about how to care for your and your family and what to do with your property at your death are well-know.  It is the most cost-effective and least administratively difficult way to plan ahead and leave as few loose ends as possible for your family and friends. Those instructions and that advance planning is your way to make whatever comes in the future more manageable and more stable in a period of uncertainty and instability.  

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‘Probate’ is rarely a word people want to hear.  Many people have seen friends or family members struggle with probate- or done it themselves.  Probate is often necessary without a well-planned estate.  Simply, the probate process determines who inherits and make sure any appropriate debts are paid.

Probate is the court-administered process, supervised by a judge, that manages someone’s estate after that person has passed away.  It can take time, effort, and money.

Probate is governed by the laws of the state in which the individual lived at the time of death. The estate is documented and presented to the court, generally by family members or someone interested in obtaining the assets of the estate. The Court, guided by state statutes, will appoint an administrator (generally the “next of kin”) for the estate. The administrator will be directed by the court to distribute assets to those persons defined by state law to receive them. Where children are involved the court will appoint a guardian to protect their interests.

Probate has advantages and disadvantages but does not need to be feared. Probate has a place in a well-planned estate and, if planned well, can be more of an administrative process when you have either a well-planned estate or an advocate who is willing to explain the process and walks with you every step of the way. Or probate can be avoided entirely with advance planning.

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Residential Real Estate

A home is usually the biggest investment someone makes in their lifetime, whether it is a ‘forever home,’ first home, or investment property. Even for those who regularly buy and sell real estate, every transaction is different even if the process is the same.

Buying or selling a home is often a stressful experience.  That process is often full of surprises. Regardless, the process is complicated.

That’s why we work hand-in-hand with clients to make sure each buyer and seller understand every step of the process and are able to make informed decisions that best reflect their individual goals and the context of their transaction. That is the reason we focus on a team-based approach to each transaction and partner with real estate agents and lenders. That allows us to best mitigate potential stresses and hurdles and advocate strongest for you during your transaction.

“Need an estate plan worked up? Changes required to your current will or trust? A thoughtful well-organized consultation process. Chase is extremely responsive and delivers…..I highly recommend this gentleman for all your legal needs & documents.”


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