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Addressing Uncertainty

We understand that hard conversations about an unknown future can be uncomfortable. We help make topics easier to address and help you plan for unexpected events.

We can’t control what happens but we can plan to protect your estate and family. Our straightforward approach lets you go from unprotected to confident to face life’s unknown’s.

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Take the complexity out of estate planning in just 4 easy steps.

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Your unique circumstances require special attention. Let’s walk through it together.

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We’ll make a comprehensive plan of action to cover your family, assets and estate.

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Enjoy knowing you’re covered for whatever life throws at you.

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“After my father’s passing, Chase handled the estate. He is incredibly organized, knowledgeable and professional. There were many facets to wrapping up the estate that I didn’t know about, which he was able to give excellent direction. Working with Chase made a very difficult time much easier. He is a true advocate for his clients.”


How We Make Planning
For What’s Next Easier

You may be asking “is my family covered?”, “if I don’t have a will in place, will that cause family infighting?” or “how will my estate be taxed?”.

Whether you have a plan or not, you can trust in our legal expertise to effectively plan and carry out your wishes to protect the things you care about.

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Since every client has different needs, we believe every client benefits from a unique plan for his or her estate. That’s the only way you’ll have the confidence that you’re covered.

This means not only preparing documents, but also analyzing each client’s financial and family situation, understanding and assessing his or her goals, and creating a plan to accommodate his or her particular situation and administer it in a way that you want.

Most people hear the word ‘probate’ and cringe.  Almost everyone has heard or lived a the horror story about a multi-year court process to get what was thought to be a simple inheritance.  

What’s the deal with probate? Should you be scared? Should you avoid it? Contact us to find out more.

There’s much more to a real estate transaction than finding ‘the home’ and signing a contract.  Each transaction has potential curveballs that need to be managed to make sure you end up with the keys at the closing.  

Are you looking to buy or sell and home and want an attorney who can help make your purchase or sale easier and less stressful?  Contact us to find out more.

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Find out 3 Unexpected Reasons You Need a Will

It’s not just a housekeeping item. Not having a will could impact things you haven’t considered.



    About Our Law Firm

    We’re a firm that focuses on our clients — achieving their goals and desired outcomes. We chose our area of focus because we value family, community and good stewardship. Effective planning is the best way to protect the things and people we care about most.

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